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Centrepoint Space Station is able to construct a variety of buildings, including, among others, Civic Centres, Skyscrapers and Power Generators as well as several space stations.

A list of available facilities and stations, as well as the cost to build them with Centrepoint can be found here

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Facility Management

Centrepoint Space Station is able to get the maximum income out of your Casino, Port and Civic Centre.

Centrepoint Space Station will retain a certain percentage of the money generated for their services. In case the facility generates a negative income (i.e. makes a loss), the facility's owner is accountable for the whole sum.

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Centrepoint Space Station offers you to store your Raw Materials, Ships and Vehicles in our Facilities and Space Stations.

Ships 50 per m³ and week*
Vehicles 20 per m³ and week*
Raw Materials 5 per m³ and week*
* A week consists of 7 days and starts from the day storage begins. You will be charged the full price for each started week.

Storage starts when materials not being owned by Centrepoint are being stored in any of our facilities/ships/stations.

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Centrepoint Space Station offers you Middleman Services, find-to-buy (means you tell us an item and a price range, and we'll find it for you) and to sell your own items for a small percentage of the profit.

market brokering10% of final price
find-to-buy5% of final price
sell10% of sale price

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Please note that we do not offer Transportation at this time!
Centrepoint Space Station offers you to transport your Ships, Vehicles, and Members to anywhere you want, and that at incredibly low prices!

ItemIntra-SystemInter-System Ship used
Members7 50010 000 (1. Person)*DST (YT-2000 +5 000)
Ships15 00020 000 **(per Ship)N/A
Vehicles15 000 / 20 000 ***20 000 / 25 000 ***(per Vehicle)DST / Gallofree***
Raw Materials 2 2 (per Ton and m³)Gallofree/MMT
* each additional person costs 1,000 additional credits
** only for Hyperdrive equipped ships
*** for vehicles that exceed 5T/30m3

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